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Information for the return visit

The Irish pupils will be in  Germany from June 1st to June 11th.

They will arrive in Frankfurt / Hahn at 14.55 on Friday and be in Hünfeld at about 19.30.

Departure will be from Frankfurt Hahn at 22.00 on Monday, so the bus for Hahn will leave Hünfeld at about 17.30.  

The following trips have been arranged:

June 4th: Trip to Würzburg with a guided tour of the Residenz at 10 a.m. The bus for this trip will leave in front of the school (Jahnstraße) at 8.00.

June 6th: Trip to Eisenach with a guided tour of the Bachhaus and its museum at The bus for this trip will leave at 8.30.

June 8th: Trip to Frankfurt by train with a visit of the Film Museum.

We will take the 8.42 train to Frankfurt and return to Hünfeld on the 15.50 train, which will be in Hünfeld at 17.43.

All participants  will get a programme in time with all the relevant information.




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