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The town Hünfeld is located in the middle of Germany. Frankfurt, Würzburg and Kassel are at about 100 km from Hünfeld and can easily be reached by train. It is near the natural park "Hessische Rhön", hence its  nickname "Das Tor zur Rhön" (The gate to the Rhön).

The nearest city is Fulda, 16 km from Hünfeld.  

The population figure is about 16.000. But not all these people live in Hünfeld. About 7.000 of them live in one of the 14 nearby villages, which are administered by Hünfeld. They are called Dammersbach, Großenbach, Kirchhasel, Mackenzell, Malges, Michelsrombach, Molzbach, Nüst, Oberfeld, Oberrombach, Roßbach, Rudolphshan, Rückers and Sargenzell.

Hünfeld offers a variety of shopping facilities, restaurants, pubs and discos. If you like sports, Hünfeld is a great place to spend a holiday: you can play tennis, golf, go swimming (indoor and outdoor swimming pool), climbing, skiing or rambling in the nearby Rhön Mountains, play pool billiard or football. Besides, the Rhön is famous for hang gliding and paragliding. Whoever is interested in flying should pay a visit to nearby Plätzer airport (5 km), where you can learn to fly an Ultralight airplane or a glider.




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