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They say about the exchange...


Cornelia Kaminski helped organise the exchanges in 2000, 2005 and 2007. She says:

I like Ireland! I came to Ireland for the first time as a school girl when I was in 7th form and spent the greater part of my summer holidays there, staying with an Irish family. I have returned quite a number of times since. I was, and still am, fascinated by the beauty of the Irish landscape and the friendliness of its people. Nowhere else have I been treated with equal warmheartedness and hospitality, giving me the feeling that I never come as a stranger, but always as a friend. So I am particularly grateful for our students to be able to share these experiences, and glad that we could to set up the exchange between Wigbertschule and St Mary’s Secondary School for Girls in Nenagh, where my own former exchange partner now teaches German. Since we teach boys, too, The Christian Brothers’ School in Nenagh agreed to join in on the exchange, so that in 2000 boys and girls from Hünfeld and Nenagh took part in the exchange. In 2007, we exchanged for the fourth time.

Guido Gros was head of the English department at Wigbertschule Hünfeld and is now head of the language department at Winfriedschule Fulda. He thinks:

The exchange is very important. Pupils get the chance to test their knowledge of English in an English speaking country and learn about the Irish way of life, traditions, customs and attitudes from the Irish themselves. They establish contacts to people from a foreign country, which helps them realize that there’s more to the world than the German way of thinking and way of living. Besides, these contacts may turn into real friendships, and thus enhance the understanding between the people in Europe. In today’s world of work, being fluent in at least one foreign language – preferably English – is an indispensable pre-requisite for finding a good job. The English teachers of Wigbertschule are happy to see that at least some of their pupils can be offered the opportunity to improve their knowledge of English in Ireland. We believe it is very important that the exchange will take place on a regular basis in the future.

 Mr. Helgert is haedmaster at Wigbertschule Hünfeld. He thinks:

Every exchange of students is important because they help promote international understanding and peacekeeping. In our school, bilingual classes are going to start next year, and schooltrips abroad are part of their curriculum. Maybe these trips will go to Ireland. We hope to be able to sign a treaty that confirms the partnership between St Mary’s Secondary school / Christian Brothers School in Nenagh and Wigbertschule Hünfeld next year.

 Mr Ruppenthal has so far taken part in all exchanges between Wigbertschule Hünfeld and St. Mary’s Secondary School /Christian Brothers School in Nenagh. He thinks:

I came to Ireland for the first time on the first exchange in 2000 and have returned not only for more exchanges, but also for private holidays. So far all exchanges were great fun both for pupils and teachers, there never were any serious problems. In fact, most of the Irish and German participants in the exchanges said afterwards that it was an unforgettable experience. To all the Irish pupils who visit this website I say: "Welcome to Hünfeld in 2007! You'll have a great time in Germany."



Mikael: ”It was interesting to see the differences between the school system in Germany and in Ireland. I liked the trips, especially the one to Dublin.”

Jana: ”Dublin is great. With my host family I visited the cliffs of Moher. That was fantastic. I really enjoyed the exchange.”

Jasmin: ”The host family was very kind.”

 Natalie: ”I liked the hospitality and the cordiality in my host family. The food was delicious, but I didn´t like the lamb.”

Pia: ”The landscape was beautiful and I enjoyed the exchange. What I liked most were the trips to the Aran Islands, Kilkenny and Dublin. It was interesting to see how the Irish live.”

Thomas: ”I liked the trips and my host family was very nice.”

Kathrin:”I got along with my host family very well and I want to keep in touch with them. I would do the exchange again. My best friend lived near my house, this was great, too. I was fascinated by the beautiful landscape and I liked the castles. What I liked best in Ireland was the trip to Dublin. My family was very eager to get to know my exchange partner.”

Carina: ”I had great fun all the time. I went in for the beautiful castles, especially Bunratty. I think it was an important experience for all of us. It was great that we had the chance to improve our English.”


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