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Nenagh (An tAonach in Irish) is the largest town in North Tipperary, Ireland, with a population in 2002 of 6,454. It lies on the Nenagh River, which empties into Lough Derg at Dromineer, 9 km to the north. The Silvermine mountains lie to the south of the town. Nenagh is situated on the N7 National Primary Route between Limerick and Dublin. Nenagh Castle, a potential tourist attraction, is not currently open to visitors. This will change in the near future. Originally a market town – its full name in Irish, Aonach Urmhumhan, means "Ormonde (East Munster) Fair" – Nenagh is today a busy commercial town. Chief amongst the town's attractions is Nenagh Castle, constructed by the FitzGerald family in the 13th Century, and one of the finest of its kind in Ireland. A project is currently under way to develop the castle and its surroundings. This project will position the castle as the main tourist attraction in the area. It is over thirty metres high, and has a base of sixteen metres. Also worth a visit is the ruined Franciscan abbey, which was built in 1212. It was in use for six hundred years, with Fr. Patrick Harty, who died in 1817, being its last inhabitant.






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